Top 8 Best Printer Paper Options for Teachers (2024)

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Printer Paper Options for Teachers

As educators across the nation continue advocating for increased salaries, many are still tasked with supplying their own classroom essentials, including printer paper. This can pose financial challenges, especially for new teachers, given the average public-school teacher salary in the United States, which stood at $57,933 in February 2024. However, this figure varies widely by state, with some teachers earning as little as $48,000. When factoring in inflation, recent years have seen a three percent decrease in teacher salaries despite periodic raises.

Unfortunately, numerous schools also struggle to allocate funds for teacher supply stipends. Recognizing these challenges, our team at Associated Imaging Solutions, specializing in printing solutions, understands the critical need for budget-friendly supplies in educational settings. Having collaborated closely with various school systems, both public and private, we aim to leverage our expertise to assist teachers, administrators, parents, and students in making informed purchasing decisions.

As we approach the 2023-2024 school year, we recognize the importance of cost-effective printer paper options for classrooms. In this blog, we present a curated list of the top 8 best printer paper choices currently available on the market, tailored specifically to meet teachers’ needs:

Printer Paper Options for Teachers

8 Best Printer Paper Options for Teachers

Epson Bright White Pro Paper

Epson Bright White Pro Paper is a top choice for budget-friendly printer paper for teachers, priced at $5.49 per 500 sheets. It stands out as the most affordable option available. This paper is a standard letter-sized option, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches, and is suitable for basic printing needs. With a brightness level of 96, it delivers vibrant and easy-to-read prints.

The Epson Bright White Pro Paper is priced at $0.010 per sheet, making it an ideal choice for teachers working within budget constraints. Many educators often have to use their own money for classroom supplies, and opting for a budget-friendly yet quality paper like this can help cut costs without compromising on essential teaching materials.

This paper is suitable for various purposes such as student handouts, assignment sheets, and quizzes. Its high brightness level also supports the printing of images and graphics, catering to teachers who prefer creative approaches to teaching. It’s also a recommended option for parents to consider when purchasing school supplies for their children.

Overall, the Epson Bright White Pro Paper offers excellent value with its affordability, quality, and versatility, making it a practical choice for teachers and students alike.

Neenah Astrobrights Color Paper

Neenah Astrobrights Color Paper is a popular choice among teachers for its vibrant colors and versatility in the classroom. Incorporating color paper into teaching materials can enhance student engagement and facilitate multimodal learning strategies.

The Neenah Astrobrights paper is available in various types, ream sizes, and color assortments. The standard-sized multicolored pack containing 500 sheets is priced around $20, equating to approximately $0.04 per sheet.

Teachers can easily purchase Neenah Astrobrights paper online or in-person at multiple stores, ensuring accessibility when needed. This paper is designed to work seamlessly with a range of printers, inks, and toners, making it a practical choice for printing and writing tasks in the classroom.

Overall, Neenah Astrobrights Color Paper offers durability, vibrant colors, and compatibility with printing equipment, making it a valuable addition to classroom supplies for teachers and students alike.

Harmony Office Copy Paper (New Leaf)

Harmony Office Copy Paper by New Leaf is an eco-friendly choice for teachers, offering 100% post-consumer recycled fiber and HP’s patented ColorLock certification. Priced at $4.89 for 100 sheets or $0.048 per sheet, this paper promotes cost savings while supporting environmental sustainability.

New Leaf also offers bulk purchasing options for publishing products, making Harmony Office Copy Paper suitable for classrooms, school libraries, or groups of teachers requiring large volumes of printing paper.

While slightly less cost-effective than standard options like Epson Bright White, Harmony Office Copy Paper stands out for its 100% recycled content. Teachers aiming to exemplify environmental stewardship to their students can benefit from choosing this eco-friendly and budget-friendly paper option.

Xerox Bold Digital Coated Gloss Printing Paper

The Xerox Bold Digital Coated Gloss Printing Paper is specifically designed to enhance the color and detail of color prints, making it ideal for use in inkjet or laser printers. With a color lock guarantee and a brightness level of 98-100%, this paper is well-suited for photo printing in the classroom.

The Xerox Bold Digital brand offers a range of options for consumers, including printer paper, satin printer paper, and cardstock. This versatility makes it a suitable choice for teachers who need basic photo paper or thicker materials like cardstock for classroom activities. A ream of 250 sheets of Xerox Bold Digital Coated Gloss Printing Paper is priced at $44.95, translating to an affordable cost of $0.17 per sheet.

For teachers seeking a budget-friendly printer paper option that can effectively support images, the Xerox Bold Digital Coated Gloss Printing Paper stands out as one of the most cost-effective choices available in 2024.

Other Types of Papers

Copy Paper 8.5×11 Inches (500 Sheets)

This copy paper, specifically designed for office tasks, is ideal for everyday printing needs. With a standard letter-sized format (8.5×11 inches) and 92 bright features, it produces high-quality prints suitable for use in printers, copiers, and copy machines. Its 20 lb weight ensures durability without causing paper jams.

Different Types of Papers

Customers appreciate its reliability and value, making it a popular choice for schools and offices alike. The pack of 500 sheets provides a sizable supply to handle numerous printing tasks, from documents to worksheets, offering excellent value for money.

Barker Creek Designer Computer Paper (100 Sheets Back to School)

Designed for creative school projects and decorative printing, Barker Creek’s designer computer paper features colorful borders and patterns. This pack of 100 sheets is perfect for flyers, announcements, and classroom decorations.

The paper’s durability and thickness make it suitable for printing double-sided, ensuring professional-looking results. Customers praise its vibrant designs and versatility, making it a favorite for teachers and students alike for adding flair to their projects.

Letterhead Paper for Teacher Printing (100 Sheets)

This letterhead paper, specifically crafted for teacher printing and writing letters, offers the best quality for professional correspondence. With a standard letter-sized format (8.5×11 inches) and 20 lb weight, it’s compatible with inkjet and laser printers, producing sharp and clear prints.

The pack of 100 sheets ensures a lasting supply for creating personalized letters, memos, and school-related documents. Its standard letter-sized design makes it commonly used for printers in educational settings, enhancing the presentation of communication folders and official materials.

Colored Paper 8.5×11 Inches (48 Sheets)

Ideal for adding visual interest to classroom materials, this pack of colored paper features borders and patterns for creative writing and decorative purposes.

With a standard letter-sized format (8.5×11 inches) and 20 lb weight, it’s suitable for use in printers and copiers, allowing for vibrant prints on both sides. The pack of 48 sheets offers a variety of colors for different projects, making it a versatile choice for teachers and students who value aesthetic appeal in their work.


In conclusion, selecting the right type of printer paper is crucial for teachers to meet their classroom printing needs effectively. Options such as the Epson Bright White Pro Paper offer budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality, making them ideal for everyday printing tasks.

For colorful and engaging materials, the Neenah Astrobrights Color Paper provides vibrant options while promoting environmental sustainability. Additionally, New Leaf’s Harmony Office Copy Paper stands out as an eco-friendly choice that supports cost savings.

Lastly, for detailed color prints and photo printing needs, the Xerox Bold Digital Coated Gloss Printing Paper offers a high-quality solution at an affordable price point. Teachers can choose from these options based on their specific requirements, ensuring efficient and professional printing results in the classroom.

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